Our church choir is an important part of the Sunday services of the First Slavic Christian Church. In conjunction with music leaders, our church choir helps lead our congregation in songs of praise to the Lord and is vital for edifying the people by presenting the gospel message through music. The choir consists of adults of all ages and is under the leadership of Valentyn Bloshenko and Lyudmila Blagonya. The practice sessions run on Thursday evenings from 7 to 9 pm. All church members are welcome to become a part of this ministry without prior vocal training.

Teen Group

We at FSCC understand how difficult the teen years may be and come alongside parents to help navigate this spiritual journey. During our Friday services from 7pm-9pm, teens aged 13-15 meet for spiritual instruction connecting to God’s Word in topics relevant to them, while exploring questions about life situations and engaging in discussions about faith issues.

Women’s Ministry

We at FSCC recognize the vital role of women in our society and our next generations, and the difficulties they face, yet having such fragile souls. Women of all ages meet to support one another through prayer and words of encouragement, sharing stories and words of wisdom. We also come together to recognize and support our expectant mothers by organizing a time of fellowship and showering of gifts for the new baby. All women in need of encouragement and support are welcome to join us for a time of prayer on Sunday evenings at 6 pm. You may contact Valentina Vakarchuk with questions.

Children’s Choir

We are pleased to have an amazing children’s choir of more than 100 children ages 3 to 15 under the leadership of Lucy Pilipey. This ministry serves as a training ground for young ones to discover their talents and grow in musical ministry for the glory of the Lord. All children of different ability levels are welcome to join. Practice runs on Wednesday nights from 7:00 to 8:30 pm. The children’s choir performs several times a year, including all major church holidays. It is a joy to see little ones and the children sing unto the Lord, as it is quoted by Christ “From the lips of children and infants You, Lord, have called forth Your praise!” (Matthew 21:16)

Sunday School

Our church is committed in leading children into a personal relationship with God. Our dedicated volunteers come alongside parents and families in helping provide spiritual training of their children. The purpose of our Sunday School ministry is to introduce children to the knowledge of Jesus Christ and His saving grace and to assist the saved ones in their spiritual growth and walk with the Lord. Biblical instruction for children ages 4-12 is provided during the Friday service from 7pm-9pm. Our Sunday school program is divided into 6 age groups where biblical instruction and the gospel message can be presented according to age-appropriate ability and comprehension. If you would like to become a part of our Sunday school ministry, you may contact Sergei Tkachenko.

Trips to Mexico

Two or more times a year we have an amazing privilege to help with humanitarian aid and share the gospel with those less fortunate than us. The trips to Mexico are truly a life-changing experience that makes one see the work of the Almighty, realize the power of God, and appreciate all that we have been given. This experience has had an amazing effect on the souls of our young people. All youth and adults are welcome to join our team on the next trip to Mexico and experience it for yourself!